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Re: cpint devices

Dennis Wicks wrote:

On debian though everytime I boot the system I have to run the
cpint_load script to define the special devices again. On the other
linuxes I don't have to do this.

That's because Debian for S/390 is using devfs for /dev. This means that all changes to /dev will be lost after a reboot.

Unfortunately, the cpint kernel module does not support devfs so the device nodes are not automatically created when the cpint module is loaded. You either have to create them by running cpint_load once after a reboot or by installing the devfsd package and creating an entry for them in /etc/devfs/devices.d/. I have created a Debian package for cpint which does this but I did not upload it the the Debian archive yet. Hopefully I'll find time to do this soon.

Stefan Gybas

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