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Re: Timer patch

Dennis Wicks wrote:

Has anyone applied the timer patch from developer works to "woody"
yet? Getting that on is one of the reasons I want to get to kernel
version 2.4.17.

Yes, I have compiled some kernels with the timer patch applied. I used the kernel sources from the package kernel-source-2.4.17, applied the S/390 patch from the package kernel-patch-2.4.17-s390 and then the timer patch from developerWorks.

How about the other patches from the "May 2002 stream"?

Our 2.4.17 is currently the "August 2001" stream and will also stay at this level to avoid confusion. Jochen Röhrig will release a new kernel-image package for 2.4.17 soon which contains the latest patches from developerWorks and will hopefully be included in Debian 3.0r1.

Once IBM releases S/390 patches for newer kernels we will create a Debian package with them. This package might also include the timer patch but it will not be enabled in the standard kernel.

Stefan Gybas

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