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CTCI on Hercules


I've been recently tried to use Debian/390 on Hercules (2.16.2, with kernel 
2.4.19-pre2), and it looked like it will work fine until 1 point: it creates 2
tunnel devices: tun0 and tun1, one 1 receive and 1 for transmit, so both
CTCI definitions gets a separate tunneling device, and routing will not work
with this. The manuals does not mention anything about 2 devices, it says
it should create only 1 dev for both reading & writing. How can this happen?
Could somebody tell me what have I misconfigured?

My hercules.cnf:

CPUSERIAL 002623        # CPU serial number
CPUMODEL  3090          # CPU model number
MAINSIZE  64            # Main storage size in megabytes
XPNDSIZE  0             # Expanded storage size in megabytes
CNSLPORT  3270          # TCP port number to which consoles connect
#HTTPPORT  8081		# HTTP server port
NUMCPU    2		# Number of CPUs
LOADPARM  0120....      # IPL parameter
OSTAILOR  LINUX         # OS tailoring
PANRATE   FAST          # Panel refresh rate
ARCHMODE  ESA/390       # Architecture mode S/370, ESA/390 or ESAME

0c60    3480 /hda3/hercules/tapes/ipl.tdf
0b01    3088 CTCI /dev/net/tun 1500
0b02    3088 CTCI /dev/net/tun 1500
0100    3390 /hda3/hercules/0100.3390.dasd #root
0101    3370 /hda3/hercules/0101.3370.dasd #swap 
0200    3215
0201    3215
0202    3270
0203    3270


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