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Re: Problems with baseinstall

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 03:26:29PM +0200, Allan Joergensen wrote:

> When installing Debian/390 I get stuck in baseconfig. It loops between
> tzconfig, md5pass and shadowpass (questions).

Can you reproduce this problem? I did several test installations on
Hercules and different S/390 models and never saw this problem. If it
is reproducible could you file a bug report against the base-config
package and include your system configuration and all logs that were
created during the installation?

> I'm able to make the system work by telnetting in a second time and run
> baseconfig again and finish the installation but because baseconfig is
> already running lots of things are not configured/installed and the
> system is somewhat crippled.

What happens when you run base-config again now?

Stefan Gybas

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