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Re: zipl

On Tuesday 12 March 2002 18:15, Donghwa Kim wrote:
> Hi list.
> I am having a small problem using zipl.
> When I type "zipl -i image-2.4.17 -p /boot/parmfile -t /boot/zipl", it
> doesn't take correct input from the parmfile. It produces a different
> parmfile with an entry that looks like "dasd=0150 root=/dev/dasda2
> noinitrd" which is not what I specified in the original parmfile.
> I am running s/390 Debian system with 2.4.17 kernel. zipl came with debian
> package:

If the /etc/zipl.conf file contains the parmfile content inline, zipl 
generates a parmfile. The question is now why uses zipl the conf file in your 

Could you please post the output of your zipl execution.


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