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cloning installation (thoughts)


As new to S390-distribution(s) i have just played with the hercules
emulator and have been using a little the IBM outdated test site

Still i have been wondering the cloning. When the /lib resides within
the /, it's pretty much impossible to easily upgrade running system
which might have several cloned systems with shared /usr, but private
root (/). Likely having something like /apps mounter read only too and
/opt having symlinks for binary parts at /apps and local parts read
write (possible managed with dummy packages that are just doing the
needed /etc stuff and /opt symlinks).

Have someone already done the process of making needed stuff statically
linked so libraries can purely reside under /usr/lib? 

There must be some other issues too which i can't still see, but basic
idea having system up enought to use libraries only under /usr/lib
is facinating enought to give it a try.

And if someone knows something that will nuke my idea, please nuke it
freely :)


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