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Re: debian on 9672-r21 possible?


On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 12:35:15PM +0100, "P?rez Sanju?n, Carlos J." wrote:
> Hi, 
> we have tried to install (from ipl tape) on a 9672-r21 but we hab received
> an error about 'disabled wait state PSW 000A000000000068 central storage
> bytes 0-7 0008000080000240'. Can't find info on this error (0068), but the
> question is, it's possible to install s390 onto this hw.

The 9672-r21 is a G1 which does not support all the instructions that
are used in Linux for S/390. On


you find a list of the S/390-models on which Linux for S/390 runs.


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