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ctc on bootfloppies 3.0.14

hello everybody,

I'm new to the list. So I will shortly introduce myself:
I'm working with Linux for S/390 for about 1 1/2 years now at an IBM Business 
Partner. So I'm familiar with the S/390 specific things. But debian-s390 is 
my first debian at all. Especially on the S/390 platform I worked a lot with 
the SuSE Distribution but now I want to open my mind ;-)

Let's go:

I tried to install with the bootfloppies 3.0.14 and got the lcs running. 
Because we only have an OSA2 I have the problem to access the other 
linux-machines under vm. I need this because otherwise I can't telnet into 
the system (firewall) from remote. So I tried to get the ctc-driver running 
and failed! I knew there are a lot of changes to the parameter-syntax for the 
network modules but I tried everything without luck. Any suggestions?


simon fischer
linux for zSeries (s/390) - team

becom informationssysteme gmbh - germany

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