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Re: [agiorgio@us.ibm.com: Excessive size of s390 vim binary]

> I just got this on the vim-dev list. If this is indeed so (strip does
> not work on s390) does that mean Debian policy forces us to have 
> large unstripped binaries on s390? 
I think there is a mix-up between z/OS (and OS/390) and Linux/390 
in this discussion.   'strip'  works just fine on Linux/390. 
> standard Unix/Linux system this is fine, as one can strip(1) a binary to 
> remove the debugging info.  On an s390 system, strip is identical to 
> touch(1), and cannot remove the symbols from the file.
'strip' on Linux/390 removes symbolics just like on any other UNIX. 
The term  "S/390"  is vague:  did you mean OS/390 or Linux/390? 
'strip'  on Linux/390 is NOT identical to  'touch'. 
> | On some UNIX systems, strip removes debug information from an 
> executable.
> | On z/OS, the debug information can only be removed by recompiling. strip
> | does not modify the contents of any executable file--it is functionally
> | equivalent to touch file.
Common problem,  people forget that: 
	  z/OS != Linux/zSeries 
	OS/390 != Linux/390 
We are talking about two different  'strip'  programs. 
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