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Re: call for ports to begin using 2.4.0 headers for glibc

> > arch I build myself). I would like all other archs to follow suit
> > (whoever builds glibc for that particular arch), even if it means using
> > local 2.4.0 source (and not something in the archive) so long as you
> > plan to fill this gap once a 2.4.0/2.4.1 source is available in sid.
> Right now I only see this in the pools: kernel-image-2.4.0-test11-i386
> There isn't an official 2.4.0 source yet in the archive?
> Besides, we could probably build kernel-images for 2.4 on m68k, but they do
> not work so well yet (at least on my box the IDE driver is not yet working,

Caveat: m68k Mac only started to work with 2.4.0 a few days ago. Don't
expect anyone to use 2.4 kernels on the old Macs for any sort of real work
for the next two months.

Re: Ben working on the new glibc for m68k - kullervo should be available
for builds. If the new glibc can be tested in a chroot environment,
kullervo could even be used for testing.


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