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Re: call for ports to begin using 2.4.0 headers for glibc

On Mon 15 Jan 2001, Ben Collins wrote:

> Well, the big deal is that to enable LFS on glibc, it must be compiled
> against 2.4.0 headers. This does not break when running on 2.2.x

AFAIK, if LFS is the only reason for this, then the point
is pretty much moot on alpha where file offsets have always
been 64 bit.

> Also, if any ports currently have issues compiling the latest glibc,
> contact me directly and immediately. I am more than willing to spend the
> time working things out. I just spent some crunch time with Bdale for
> ia64 (whom I also work with for hppa). So you new ports (mips? sh?) let
> me know now if there are any issues (and you old timer ports too :).

I personally don't trust myself to touch libc on alpha;
Chris usually handles that sort of thing, and I expect
him to be back in action Real Soon Now.

Paul Slootman
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