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Autobuilder log pages

Hello world,

Please Cc me, I'm not on most of these lists.

I guess most (all?) of the ports have autobuilders now days, and I guess
most (all?) of them have build logs on the web somewhere. I'd like to add
links to build logs from


so that, eg,

          + <a>out of date on m68k</a>: slocate(2.2-0.0)

is a link to the m68k build logs for version 2.4-1 of the slocate
source package (or, ideally, a "The autobuilder hasn't tried building
this package yet because..." page when appropriate) to explain why this
hasn't built and maybe make it obvious what needs to be fixed.

So is there any chance of people telling me urls I can use for this? Something


almost works, except for the _20001201-0800...


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