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S/390 binary .deb packages build

Hi, all.

My company now has IBM S/390 Multiprise 3000 (G5). Currently, abou 310 Debian
binaries built for s390 are available. ones on Richard Higson's site
didn't work on my side. So, I recompiled source files.

Packages to have Required, Important, and Standard priorities were
recompiled. They work well and will be used for my project soon.

I intend to make a tree such as binary-s390 and upload them.

I ask:

1) Who do I have to contact?
2) I'm not a build machine, so I can't build them manually whenever packages
   updated. :< Can I use bfbd? Now how to use it?
3) It is difficult for me to compile xfree86 packages. It's a hard work.
   Who do I need to work with?
4) IBM mainframe is not a general machine. Do Debian project have a plan
   to be donated?

Welcome to any comments. Because I'm not a native speaker and the meanings
of my word may be ambiguous, I believe your considerations. :)

P. S. : PLEASE CCs of replies from debian-s390 lists are encouraged.
        I didn't subscribe debian-devel lists.

 Chu-yeon Park <kokids@debian.org>                : KoKIDS means KOrean KIDS!
               <http://www.debian.org/~kokids>    : I love Debian!
 * CCs of replies from mailing lists are encouraged.

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