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Our Multiprise 3000. (was: Errors in your WWW-page(fwd))

On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 11:58:06PM +0200, Richard Higson wrote:
> I now have 2 IBM P/390 machines at home.
> These are not powerful machines by any count, but they work,
> and they will give us enough "computing power" to prove that
> the builddaemon/autobuilder idea actually works for s390.
> As a "planned enhancement" I expect to do the "heavy computing" 
> on S/390 boxes behind corporate firewalls. They will pick up their 
> orders from the P/390's, and return the results back there.
> There are issues of trust involved on both sides of the firewalls,
> so this might take quite a while to implement.

Our company bought Multiprise 3000(abbrev. MP3000) two weeks ago and
I run it. Though very expensive cost (about $400,000 U.S.), this
machine was great and it is smaller, considering.
But this machine is difficult to run, even power on/off, well which is
because the architectures of IBM mainframe such as P/390, 370, S/390 and
so on are not popular one.

I now install SuSE for S/390 on LPARs and test them. they works well somehow.
Also, I have the plan to install Debian system, but I don't have a VM,
what is worse, even IBM Korea(I live in Korea, republic of.) don't. :<
(I asked IBM Korea and they said. "VM-owned company is
only Korean Air in Korea.")

I have ever heard VIF(Virtual Image Facility) had been released and
wait VIF shipping day. (VIF is expensive, too. $20,000 U.S.)

I'll install VIF on LPAR and a lot of Linux on virtual machine guest of VIF.
Well... they're company affairs, but I'll use MP3000 machine for Debian
just as much as my company jobs. :)

> I think that H390 is the first Architecture that can be built and
> emulated without access to the target-arch. I'd like to set it up on a
> very fast dual-CPU box to see what kind of performance it has there.

Sooner or later, MP3000 will be moved to computing room of my company and
be able to be connected to Internet. IMHO, it seems that S390 is the first
Architecture. :)

Lastly, thanks for Richard Higson's good writings such as Linux for S/390

P. S. : Handcapped by non-English speaker, my apology for discoutesy and
        unsuitable expressions, if any.

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