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Re: The debian-s390 port is beginning to pick up speed.


it's already too late here, so the following is almost random:

(1)	 Oh I know well that it is rather late to mention that, but the architecture
	should better be called s390g2, if you ever wish to accomodate plain /390 into
	the distribution, because it is easier to work with positive flags and meanings.	
	(Just compare s390, s390g2, cc -mg2 with s390standard, s390, cc -mpre-g2)

(2)	I see that dpkg-architecture does not accept the architecture string
	returned by gcc; this made a lot of problems, earlier this year, when I tried
	to build glibc. I then found that  I am not the one who repairs it.

(3)	I found that clisp fails somewhere in the libtool configure script; in any
	case it is in need of a bit (or perhaps more than a bit) of assembler coding
	and adapting. I would rather think that this applies to most 
	interpreters and similar programs. That the hugs Haskell interpreter 
	compiled is quite remarkable;  if it works, the team in Göteborg (?) can 
	congratulate itself. I looked at clisp when I compiled it  in January or 
	so, and I will try to make it compile for the s390.

Now the entropy has taken hold of me ...

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