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Welcome to debian-s390

and welcome to the debian-s390 list.

At the moment there is a lot of excitement about Linux on the S/390 Hardware.
This list is about the debian-s390 port.

I don't think that there'll be a lot of traffic for a while, while we build up speed,
but later on it'll probably be as busy as any other debian-$ARCH list around.
I definitely DON'T want to split the linux-390 mailing list at vm.marist.edu
That should be the prime list for linux-390, with this one being purely for
Debian-specific things like porting, feeding $ARCH things back upstream and so on.

Thanks to Martin Schulz (joey) for starting the list.
He's also given me access to the WWW CVS to write the debian-s390 page(s), but I'm still 
reading up on wml, and haven't posted anything yet ;-(

There is some debian stuff up at http://pax.gt.owl.de/~higson/debian-s390/
You might also be interested in 
which is also where the debian-s390 binaries live (at the moment).

I am scheduled to go to Poughkeepsie, NY, USA from 28.April through 2.June to work on
The idea is to write a Redbook about Linux on S/390 in six weeks.
It's going to be hard work and fun, and I don't know how much (if any) debian-s390
stuff I'll be able to do from there.

I intend to get our company's P/390 into a separately firewalled segment so that we can 
allow (named) access to it (via ssh). This will allow Debian Developers to hack at their
favorite packages on a Mainframe, should they feel so inclined.
Be warned that this might well NOT happen until I get back from Poughkeepsie.

I stand corrected: M$-Exchange *IS* RFC-Compliant. 
RFC1925 Para 2 Section (3) 
Have a nice day ;-) Richard Higson mailto:richard.higson@gt.owl.de

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