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Rust Distro BoF at FOSDEM


Since some of us will be attending FOSDEM again this year, I'd like to
organize a BoF[0] for Rust teams/maintainers across distros and
upstreams interested in making their packagers' lifes easier.

Marc from Tweede Golf reached out last fall and wrote up a nice blog
post regarding their experience writing software in Rust while keeping
pain points of distros in mind[1]. We've had similar discussions in
various avenues with other upstream projects as well.

Ideally, the BoF would collect similar input from "both sides" with the
aim of distilling it into an extension of documents like Debian's
UpstreamGuide[2], but specific for Rust (crates). Other potential output
would be identifying gaps in distro tooling, potential for more exchange
across distros or coordinated efforts to implement relevant missing
features in upstream tooling such as cargo.

If you want to participate, be kept in the loop regarding exact
date & room, want to be on the receiving end of any output generated by
this meetup, or know of other possibly interested parties or interesting
resources to incorporate, don't hesitate to reach out.


0: https://fosdem.org/2024/schedule/#bofs
1: https://tweedegolf.nl/en/blog/104/dealing-with-dependencies-in-rust
2: https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide

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