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Hi Linuxassist,

As a web owner, you must be facing many complications and barriers while promoting your site these days as promotional approaches are becoming mystical due to regular updates by Google.


Despite of brilliant effort on logic of the website, small but profound errors makes your website rank lower than your competitors in similar search segment. It seems your site needs some professional support to update it to current Google standards.


We work with small and medium businesses to create a unique marketing approach that makes your website strong enough to work as selling proposition.


Keyword to URL mapping is the most vital on-page factor for better search ranking. If you don’t have specific landing page to your select search keyword then you are losing initial battle of ranking improvement.

Content creates the feeling: A website uses content as its voice to coin uniqueness and offerings. Hence, readability across all devices and platform is essential to get that additional edge over your competitor.


Crawl Indexing and Tracking is one among the most important factor to understand what are your current strengths and weaknesses. A perfectly crawled error free website marks it’s presence on Google and further tracking lets you know the status.


Social Media Outreach is a necessity, with rising social influence regular and relevant feeds are kind of vigilant on what makes them better to divert more traffic to your website.


I am not telling you something out of the box. It’s quite common to all websites, however when you are at the crossroad of defining your websites objective of generating sales. You need to access all to avoid moving south.


Should you need any further information/assistance on our services and pricing, please do not hesitate to email us. On your response we will get back to you from our company email ID.




Best Regards

Logan Caleb 

BD Consultant      

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