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Re: $MAIL & ssh

On Sat, 17 Nov 2018, sergio wrote:

On 17/11/2018 04:01, Tim Sattarov wrote:

Проверь .bashrc и bash_profile (или что у тебя за шелл там)

% grep -R MAIL ~ /etc

  Странно, а в /etc/login.defs ?
  man login.defs /MAIL
  MAIL_DIR (string) - The mail spool directory.

  Правда в самом файле
  NOTE: This is no more used for setting up users MAIL environment variable
#       which is, starting from shadow 4.0.12-1 in Debian, entirely the
#       job of the pam_mail PAM modules

 Ну и точно в /etc/pam.d/login

# This also defines the MAIL environment variable
# However, userdel also needs MAIL_DIR and MAIL_FILE variables
# in /etc/login.defs to make sure that removing a user
# also removes the user's mail spool file.
# See comments in /etc/login.defs
session    optional   pam_mail.so standard

  То есть при ssh MAIL определяется в pam_mail который
  вызывается через pam.d/login


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