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Doypack Packaging Machine And Filling Machine

Title: Mail
Dear Mr
How are you?

Glad to get your contact info from Internet!

    We supply Food Packaging Machine and Filling Machine with good quality and very competitive price.

    Hope to be a partner of your company.

1.   Horizontal Doypack (standup pouch) machine, available in function of reclosable zipper, Spout, Cap, Valve and different shapes.

2.   Horizontal High speed packaging machine for flat pouch and sachet, with maximum speed 320 pouch/min

3.   Vertical pouch packaging machine for pillow bag , stick pack, and triangle pack.

  Wish you a nice day . please do not hesitate to ask me for quotation, if you are in need of bag packaging machine.

  Doypack Packing Machine http://youtu.be/v4Yb6pEwWSc

  High Speed Doypack Packing Machine http://youtu.be/rmdvYZ3Nxfk

  High Speed Packing Machine http://youtu.be/zVxUhE6PNzM

  High Speed Packing Machine http://youtu.be/h3FcUHc_0AI

  pre-made doypack packing Machine http://youtu.be/Abn2Snybyko

  Vertical Packing Machine http://youtu.be/jZMBpkOT8JA

Best Regards


Noah Pu


Shanghai Welsen Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address: No.935, Huayan Economic Development Zone, Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Fax: +86-21-57471118  Cellphone:+86-18621615372

E-mail: noah@packagingchina.net


Skype: noah5288



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