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Re: bind9 allow-query

On Sat Jul 20 12:59:52 2013
Artem Chuprina wrote:

> allow-query
>     Specifies which hosts are allowed to ask ordinary DNS
>     questions. allow-query may also be specified in the zone statement,
>     in which case it overrides the options allow-query statement. If not
>     specified, the default is to allow queries from all hosts.
>     Note
>     allow-query-cache is now used to specify access to the cache.
> Как же так, дорогая редакция?  Такое, гм, недокументированное поведение
> вообще где-то документировано, или как?


        New option "allow-query-cache".  This lets "allow-query"
        be used to specify the default zone access level rather
        than having to have every zone override the global value.
        "allow-query-cache" can be set at both the options and view
        levels.  If "allow-query-cache" is not set then "allow-recursion"
        is used if set, otherwise "allow-query" is used if set
        unless "recursion no;" is set in which case "none;" is used,
        otherwise the default (localhost; localnets;) is used.


         * "allow-query-cache" inherits from "allow-recursion" if set,
         * otherwise from "allow-query" if set.
         * "allow-recursion" inherits from "allow-query-cache" if set,
         * otherwise from "allow-query" if set.


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