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Re: Audacious не запускается

В Вск, 13/07/2008 в 15:08 +0400, Abdourazak Osmanov пишет:
> Audacious при запуске из терминала выдает:
>         ** (audacious:8402): WARNING **: could not open 'P{*\u0008
>         \u0001', no transport plugin available
>         Unable to read from P{, giving up.
>         amidi-plug(amidi-plug.c:amidiplug_init:97): init, read
>         configuration
>         amidi-plug(i_backend.c:i_backend_load:107): loading backend
>         '/usr/lib/audacious/Input/amidi-plug/ap-alsa.so'
>         amidi-plug(i_backend.c:i_backend_load:145):
>         backend /usr/lib/audacious/Input/amidi-plug/ap-alsa.so (name
>         'alsa') successfully loaded
>         Ошибка сегментирования
> Пробовал переустанавливать, толку нет...

Вот тема на IRC канале у сабжа:

Debian lenny issues are caused by version mismatch between core and

If you think of MS-DOS as mono, and Windows as stereo,
 then Linux is Dolby Digital and all the music is free...

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