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Re: update-alternatives - полный вынос мозга

Alexander Tyurin wrote:

Я не понял, что вы хотите от системы, если firefox установлен из .tgz?

Воспользоваться штатными инструментами не судьба?

man update-alternatives:

--install genname symlink altern priority [--slave genname symlink altern] ... Add a group of alternatives to the system. genname is the generic name for the master link, symlink is the name of its symlink in the alternatives directory, and altern is the alternative being introduced for the master link. The arguments after --slave are the generic name, symlink name in the alternatives directory and the alternative for a slave link. Zero or more --slave options, each followed by three arguments, may
             be specified.

If the master symlink specified exists already in the alternatives system's records, the information sup- plied will be added as a new set of alternatives for the group. Otherwise, a new group, set to automatic mode, will be added with this information. If the group is in automatic mode, and the newly added alterna- tives' priority is higher than any other installed alternatives for this group, the symlinks will be
             updated to point to the newly added alternatives.


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