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squid tube offer(Todarodes pacificus)

Dear Sir,

Good morning!

We are frozen seafood company in China. Following is our offer for Monkfish tails for your reference

Todarodes pacificus squid tube
IQF, skinless, 20% glaze not compensated, treated, size 100g- 200g per tube, size before glaze, 10kg bulk
Price: USD2.05/kg CFR EMP
Meanwhile, following is our product list, if you have any enquires, pls inform to me freely.
Squid: Illex squid, Todarodes pacificus, Ommastrephe bartrami, Arrow squid
Fish: Monkfish, Tilapia, APO
Shrimp: Vannamei, red shrimp, pink shrimp
Cocktail: seafood mixed, specification as your required
Skewer: shrimp skewer, monkfish sweker, squid skewer
Others: Mussel, scallop, octopus, clam

Awaiting for your reply
Best regards,


Jaxcee Seafood§J.King Wu
email:jkingwu@jaxcee.com info@jaxcee.com
Skype ID: jking.jaxcee

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