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Unidentified subject!

Dear sir or madam, 
We are manufacturers of various footwear and oil_painting from China. The quality of our products is the best you can find in China.We are a state_owned company dealing specially with the export of those products.We are in  a possion to  accept orders according to  customer's sample.
You are more than welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products. If you are interested, you  can  give  me a e_mail, or rightly go to www.trade666.com. 
My MSN is fangqisen@hotmail.com, if  you  want some  more  information,please join me ,we will server you as  soon as we receive your special inquiry.And  we are interested in  extending  our  range and  would appreciate your catalogues and quotations.We  except to  be  willing  to  establish bussiness relation with us!
Best Regards!
                                                        Your sincerely

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