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Re: xmms и русификация в etch

2006/12/4, Alexander Vlasov <zulu@gala.net>:
В sarge и выше есть beep-media-player -- тот же xmms, но на gtk2.
До сих пор xmms держать -- надо збоченцем быть.


The package has a _lot_ of open bugs and maybe shouldn't even
make it into Etch IMHO.

Beep Media Player development was discontinued by upstream over a year ago.
They resumed their work and created BMPx, a reincarnation of Beep Media
Player but with a different approach.  BMP was also forked by another group
with the aim to retain the XMMS-style interface, and they created
Audacious.  Both of these related players have been available in Debian for
a few weeks now.

то есть, тогда уж что советовать, так Audacious или BMP, а не глюный и
неподдерживаемый beep-media-player :)


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