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Re: CVS orver ssh too slow


В любом случае сильно поможет fsh. Проблема в том что при работе через
ssh для каждого файла заново создаётся соединение, что дорого, особенно
если протоколы не совпадают и тд.

fsh устанавливает соединение один раз, что очень сильно повышает

apt-cache show fsh
Description: Fast remote command execution over rsh/ssh/lsh

 The problem: logging in to a remote system with a cryptographic
solution such as lsh or ssh takes time, due to the computationally
expensive key exchanges that occur when the connection is established.

 It is common to trigger a lot of remote logins while using remote CVS,
which makes it painfully slow compared to having the repository locally.

 The solution: reuse the secure tunnel once it has been established. fsh
is a drop-in rsh-compatible replacement for ssh that automatically
reuses ssh tunnels. fsh does not aim at full command line compatibility
with ssh.
Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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