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Re: Automatic Private IP Addressing(APIPA) Linux Howto?

Sergey L. Kachanuk <serzholino@gmail.com> wrote:
> Доброго времени суток!

> Имеется маленькая (5 машин) домашняя сеть.
> Для получения IP-адресов используется механизм в сабже. Недавно кинул 
> себе кабель к ним, и обнаружил, что не могу получить айпишник таким же 
> образом... :(

> Вопрос: Если возможность получить IP-адрес через APIPA под Linux?

   Short for Automatic Private IP Addressing, a feature of later Windows
   operating systems. With APIPA, DHCP clients can automatically
   self-configure an IP address and subnet mask when a DHCP server isn't
   available. When a DHCP client boots up, it first looks for a DHCP
   server in order to obtain an IP address and subnet mask. If the client
   is unable to find the information, it uses APIPA to automatically
   configure itself with an IP address from a range that has been
   reserved especially for Microsoft. The IP address range is
   through The client also configures itself with a
   default class B subnet mask of A client uses the
   self-configured IP address until a DHCP server becomes available.

   The APIPA service also checks regularly for the presence of a DHCP
   server (every five minutes, according to Microsoft). If it detects a
   DHCP server on the network, APIPA stops, and the DHCP server replaces
   the APIPA networking addresses with dynamically assigned addresses.

   APIPA is meant for nonrouted small business environments, usually less
   than 25 clients.

Берем что-то, что умеет сделать ping и сказать - на arp
who-was ответили или нет, и на его основе - делаем. 
Более проще - возми себе адрес и на нем сиди.

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