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Fwd: MacWorld article: "Macs replace university's Linux desktops"

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Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:55:00 -0700
From: Daniel Robitaille <robitaille gmail.com>
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Subject: MacWorld article: "Macs replace university's Linux desktops"

>From Macworld.com, an article about Trinity College at the University
of Melbourne going the Mac route instead of Debian:

The article is mostly a "Debian vs OSX" debate for the end user
(bottom line:  "it's silly to take away a good Unix with a good GUI
and move to Linux which doesn't have as slick a GUI."),

but there is a small reference to Ubuntu: "Bell said he had suggested
replacing all the Linux desktops with Macs and using the Ubuntu live
CD for a Linux environment which "worked pretty well during testing"
but that was rejected."

I wonder which Gnome was used in these tests to compare to OSX; maybe
Gnome 2.8 from Sarge?

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