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Re: lvm rescue

On Tue, 24 May 2005 12:51:30 +0300 Michael Shigorin wrote:

 >> Стоит у меня тут машинка с lvm на два диска и reiserfs поверх и
 >> возник у меня вопрос - а вдруг что случиться, что в качестве
 >> rescue использовать? Я до сих пор knoppix использовал, дык он
 >> lvm не умеет, а пиасать нужные пакеты на floppy и устанавливать
 >> - как-то не кузяво.
 MS> Timos Rescue CD вроде рекомендовали.

    Нашёл уже Debain From Scratch. Вполне, по-моему:

For people that aren't familiar with DFS, it's several things:

    * A full "manual" installer for Debian similar to Gentoo's -- you
      manually run fdisk, mkfs, etc. and then use cdebootstrap to install
      the base system. The DFS CD contains the information to install either
      testing or unstable directly.
    * A full text-only rescue environment on the live CD, including tools
      such as emacs, gcc, kernel source (you can compile a new kernel using
      only this CD and some disk space somewhere), development environments
      for multiple languages, filesystem and partitioning tools for just
      about every filesystem out there, etc.
    * A system for easily building custom live CD environments from Debian
      packages. Great for building customized rescue CDs or demo CDs.

DFS 0.6.19 has fixes mainly for i386 and amd64. The i386 image contains both
i386 and amd64 kernels (the CD boots to Grub and you can choose which one
you want at that time). It has newer kernels than the previous release to
support some newer hardware, as well as an updated userland.

The dfsbuild package, in sid, is used to generate these images.

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