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Re: boot floppy

On 14:18 Tue 24 May     , Denis S wrote:
> Извените за возможно тупой вопрос, но в гугле не смог получить на него
> дельный ответ. Вопрос такой: как в Debian`e можно создать загрузочную
> дискету для текущего ядра.

9.3 How can I make a custom boot floppy?

This task is greatly aided by the Debian package boot-floppies, normally
found in the admin section of the Debian FTP archive. Shell scripts in
this package produce boot floppies in the SYSLINUX format. These are
MS-DOS formatted floppies whose master boot records have been altered so
that they boot Linux directly (or whatever other operating system has
been defined in the syslinux.cfg file on the floppy). Other scripts in
this package produce emergency root disks and can even reproduce the
base disks.

You will find more information about this in the
/usr/doc/boot-floppies/README file after installing the boot-floppies
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