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投入1万产出4-5万 政府扶持项目

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 欢迎投资:  投入1万 产出4-5万 政府扶持项目 !







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联系邮件地址:   tangjunfeng518@163.com  

                   Welcome to the investment of the governmental supported project!
------A project with an input of 10,000Yuan and an output of 40,000 to 50,000Yuan

Dalian Zhonglin Forest Development Co., Ltd, subjecting to China S&T Venture Capital Co., Ltd, is a large-scale forest development enterprise specializes in forest planting, forest sales and development of quick-growing plantation.

Deep process of woods and integration of woods and paper is our development direction.

The establishment of our company is to meet the requirements of the nationwide deteriorated environment and woods demands in short supply. Being promising and prosperous, this project is one of the six projects with the support of the municipal government.

We adopt the operation mode of cooperative trusteeship. That is, for any investors without consideration of his nationality, as long as he puts in a certain amount of cost in our woods base, he will take the cost back after four years of cutting cycle and will gain the net income after seven years of cutting cycle, which will be four to five times than what he has putted in.

Investors will be completely free from the fear of woods management, woods cutting and sales, which our company will take the responsibility to deal with.

Cooperative investors are warmly welcomed to our company to have an on-the-spot investigation.

Contact by: Manager Tang Junfeng
Email: tangjunfeng518@163.com  
Tel:0086-411-4782282 (English)
Add: Floor 17, Administration Mansion No. 86, Xi'an Road Shahekou District, Dalian

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