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Re: Russian localized install?

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 11:48:01PM +0300, Andrei Smirnov wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 03:35:04AM -0800, Serge Winitzki wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I recently tried debian 3.0r1 install from CD #1. It
> > offered to make install in several languages but
> > Russian was not one of the available languages. I have
> > two questions:
> > 
> > 1) what needs to be done to add Russian as one of the
> > available languages? I am a native speaker and could
> > help with translation.
> and me also

First of all, I'm not really the right person to help you coordinate your
efforts. I don't speak russian *at all*. But I participate to the
french translation effort, and can give some hints.

Then, it depends on if you are speaking about the old generation installer
(the one used in woody, called boot-floppies), or the new one (to be used in
sarge, called debian-installer, or d-i for short). In both case, there is a
good chance that russian translators are subscribed to the
debian-boot@lists.debian.org, which is CCed.

For the old installer, russian translation seems to be well underway:

CVSIMPORT/boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/po$ msgfmt --statistics -v -o /dev/null ru.po 
788 translated messages, 47 fuzzy translations, 17 untranslated messages.

The previous translators of this file are (according to po file header):
# Mikhail Sobolev <mss@mawhrin.net>, 1999-2002
# Aleksey Novodvorsky <aen@logic.ru>, 1999
# Peter Novodvorsky <petya@logic.ru>, 1999
# Paul Romanchenko <paul@justnews.ru>, 1999-2001
# Ilgiz Kalmetev <ilgiz@bashtelecom.ru>, 2002
# Max V. Kosmach" <max@elvis.ru>, 2002

You should coordinate with all those people before starting anything on that
front to avoid dupplicate work. But be aware that this project may be
considered as dead. I mean, I'm not sure a new version will be released, so
translating that may be useless.

Then, for the new installer, work is also started. In d-i, interaction with
the user will be done using debconf templates. And those templates are to be
translated with po-debconf (see dpkg -p po-debconf). Generic statistics
about debconf templates translated that way are available from:
Here, you can see that a whole bunch of templates are ready to be
translated, and not translated yet (or not completly). 

The templates used for d-i are the following (unless I did an error in the
small script retriving them from the CVS). The other listed templates are
for packages, and can also be translated.

Not translated yet:
 - anna                   (5u)
 - main-menu              (4u)
 - choose-mirror          (20u)
 - autopartkit            (21u)
 - cdebconf               (5u)
 - cdrom-detect           (19u)
 - ddetect                (15u)
 - disk-detect            (3u)
 - grub-installer         (2u)
 - languagechooser        (241u)
 - lilo-installer         (2u)
 - prebaseconfig          (2u)
 - s390-dasd              (13u)
 - s390-netdevice         (30u)
Translation started (their authors are unknown to me, but the translation
seem a few month old):
 - debian-installer-utils (2t;0f;15u)
 - netcfg                 (28t;4f;4u)

I'm not sure of the current status of the following templates, present in
the CVS, but not listed in the page I gave you. I assume the corresponding
package was not uploaded yet, and advice you to forget about them for now:
 - aboot-installer
 - hppa/palo-installer
 - ia64/elilo-installer
 - partkit
 - selectdevice
 - yaboot-installer

One more time, do not forget to coordinate your efforts to avoid dupplicate
work ! 

Good luck, Mt.

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