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Re: Text mode (CLI), Knoppix, russian

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Andrey Kiselev wrote:

> apt-get install console-cyrillic

I'll try that...

> This package contains cyrillic console fonts and keyboard mappings.
> UniCyr font probably be the best choice for you.

OK, I tried the UniCyr - which does not look good to me. I'm working 
on designing braille table for blind russian users. I thought I should 
  setfont koi8r-8x8
to get the fonts look right. After loading the font I edit this file:
The mapping should be koi8 but it looks wrong with UniCyr.

Á C1 193 (   1    )01 B+2801 U+0430 cyrillic small letter a
Ä C4 196 (   145  )0B B+2819 U+0434 cyrillic small letter de
Is the above a cyrillic a and d?

Should I use ISO-8859-5 instead?
Here is "cyrillic small a" 0xD0 and not 0xC1 as above.

Can someone explain this?
Which standard will a blind text mode user use?

> You should select cyrillic font for your xterm,

xterm is not an issue for blind people. Not at this time though.

If you are courious about blind table, you can see them here.
The blind driver is here http://mielke.cc/brltty/

best regards/hans
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