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Re: remote administration

В письме от 23 Октябрь 2002 11:15 alex@upb.com.ua написал:
> Привет всем.
> Посоветуйте пожайлуста чем можно удаленно администрить винду из под
> Линукса. Пробовал VNC но уж сильно притормаживает.

back orifice 2000

> Вариант с утановкой Wmware не очень нравиться. Кто что может посоветовать?
> Спасибо.

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For my son, Robert, this is proving to be the high-point of his entire
life to date.  He has had his pajamas on for two, maybe three days
now.  He has the sense of joyful independence a 5-year-old child gets
when he suddenly realizes that he could be operating an acetylene torch
in the coat closet and neither parent [because of the flu] would have
the strength to object.  He has been foraging for his own food, which
means his diet consists entirely of "food" substances which are
advertised only on Saturday-morning cartoon shows; substances that are
the color of jukebox lights and that, for legal reasons, have their
names spelled wrong, as in New Creemy Chok-'n'-Cheez Lumps o' Froot
("part of this complete breakfast").
		-- Dave Barry, "Molecular Homicide"

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