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Re: В догонку - ценовой аргумент - НЕ КАТИТ

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002 17:44:40 +0400 Alexander Danilov <daapp@land.ru> wrote:

> Подскажите, а чем -claws от обычной сборки отличается?
 Sylpheed Claws is a bleeding edge version of the Sylpheed mail
 client which has the most advanced features designed to be included
 in Sylpheed. It features the same features Sylpheed does:
  * Very good performance
  * Easy configuration and operation
  * Multiple accounts
  * High flexibility
 And more:
  * Better mail/news composing handling;
  * More advanced ways of handling headers and attachments;
  * More powerful handling of MIME types.
  * Per-folder default reply-to address and threading mode
  * Pixmap theming
 If you care for stability rather than more flexibility, use
 'sylpheed' instead.

PS: после последнего апгрейда на woody-release перестал
нормально отвечать в этот лист, хотя раньше умел. :((
 jabber: velikan@jabber.ru

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