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Re: logs to DB convertor

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 06:36:12AM -0800, Pavel Epifanov wrote:
> I do it by shell script running by cron to take a log file, process it and then
> rename it to keep several generations (20-40). The result is uploaded to MS SQL
> as ASCII text file.
> By the way if you are familiar with programming it could be like
> tail -f <log> | <your-program>
> where <your-program> is reading from STDIN and doing whatever you want!
> C and Perl examples of reading from STDIN are almost in any book.
> DB interface is more complex -> why I am using standard ASCII upload.
> OK, some cron entries are required to start/stop the complete stream once a day
> to make a back copy of log...

Ok. Но самый грустный момент это безопасно
передать. Удобно было бы через perlDBI, но вот
небезопасно ведь, не защищены данные. Строить тунель между хостами?

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