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Koi8-r font problems

Excuse me for not writing Russian, but my Russian is as yet not good 
enough to describe my problem, but I think this is the best list to get 
an answer though.

I'm learning Russian and I've installed the Mueller dictionary in dict 
format. This file is koi8-r encoded so I made xfstt generate koi8-r 
fontmappings for my true type fonts.

Still, if I select a font and set the character to koi8-r, kdict won't 
display the russian characters. It even seems dat Kdict converts them 
to NULL-characters.

In general KDE application do not seem to understand koi8-r with the 
exception of Konqueror. Other applications do seem to work, I can start 
a xterm with: 
xterm -fn '-ttf-courier new-medium-r-normal-regular-0-0-0-0-m-0-koi8-r' 
and the koi8-r encoded text appears as Russian; for example the output 
generated by dict.

So I suspect this is some KDE related problem, but I can't find the 
cause. Any help would be appreciated, but I am unable to read Russian 
good enough to make sense of Russian HOWTO's, so could answers be in 

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