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Re: passwd -->> md5

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Pavel Epifanov wrote:

> --- Victor Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> wrote:
> > Ничем. Надо включить md5 в pam, после чего все вновь заводимые и меняемые
> Looks as he wanted the exact set of files to change and to which lines to add
> "md5" :))) Do you have Linux computer switched on?

Of course. But grep md5 /etc/pam.d/* reveals everything.

> > После чего тем или иным программным или
> > административным способом заставить всех юзверей поменять себе пароль.
> Is it what the Expiration date for?

Exactly. But I think that it is better to give answers which requires
some further investigation.
> > Альтернатива - только повзламывать старые пароли (благо DES нынче
> Some people were fired (uvoleny!) in US because they use Crack. Do you really
> wish it to somebody?

Not at all. That is why I've described real way to do it first.
BTW, I'm not sure that to be employed in the company which carries out
such a stupid policy, is the best option.

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