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Re: Mozilla & cp1251

On 30 August 2001 (Thursday) at 16:45 (+0200) joost witteveen wrote:
> BTW, also when I try konqueror (4:, I get the same
> result (same incorrect letters, no matter whether I select
> `View/Set EnCoding/Cyrillic (cp 1251)', or not.

I haven't used Mozila, but my Konqueror can show CP1251.

I've noticed that the only CP1251 fonts you have installed are the
scalable fonts in scalable-cyrfonts-x11.  May be the problem is that
you have no bitmapped CP1251 fonts installed?  I would recommend you
to install the package xfonts-bolkhov-cp1251-75dpi.  After that you
have to tell Konqueror what fonts to use for showing CP1251
(microsoft-cp1251) pages.  This package provides the following font
families that you can use: times, helvetica, courier, serene and
serenetypewriter.  I don't know how Mozilla chooses its fonts, but I
suppose that similarly to Konqueror it needs to be told what fonts to
use (by its control panel or something like that).

If this doesn't work try to install Unicode bitmapped fonts instead of
CP1251 fonts.  The corresponding package is xfonts-bolkhov-75dpi.

Some additional information: the installed on your system package
xfonts-cyrillic provides only KOI8-R fots.  Netscape 4 uses KOI8-R
fonts for showing CP1251 pages, but Konqueror can't do that.  May be
Mozilla can't do that either.

Anton Zinoviev

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