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Re: Old-style JPEG

> Есть отсканированные фотографии, которые:
> display: 24.tif: Old-style JPEG compression support is not configured..
> Как побороть? Или никак?

Эти файлы не могут быть прочитаны с помощью библиотеки libtiff. Вот,
почитай следующее:

At any cost, you have got to convince the Vendor to stop producing old
JPEG-TIFF, and to burn all copies of their source code and sew the
ground with salt.   It cannot be implemented, should not be implemented,
and is EVIL.

The original TIFF Tech note #2 on the proper implementation of JPEG
in TIFF (as opposed to Evil Bogus JPEG-in-TIFF of the 6.0 variety)
can still be found at:


which is also the location quoted on the "libtiff.org" webpage.  There
is simply no excuse for not knowing about this note, it has
been around since the mid 90's.

The  www.libtiff.org also has examples of what a valid
(for public consumption) JPEG-in-TIFF file should look like.
It has successfully been implemented using the libtiff
package combined with the libjpeg package, thanks to
the efforts of many people including Tom Lane and

There is simply no excuse for promulgating evil files
around.  It may be compliant with the TIFF-6.0 spec,
but that portion of the spec is itself bad. Very bad.

  --Niles  (author, The Unofficial TIFF Web page)

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