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Re: help please...

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000 kuznetsov@novo1.novolabs.ru wrote:

> From: kuznetsov@novo1.novolabs.ru
> Subject: help please...
> Some trouble with named...
> internal interface
> external interface

Which netmasks? Which gateway addresses? 
What route -n says?
What says traceroute from internal and external hosts.
What says traceroute from this host to external or internal address

It seems that you specify netmask incorrectly, so  packets to external
world get routed to internal network.

Hopefully, after collecting answers to all the questions above you'll find 
answer yourself. Or even already found, becouse just now I've telnetted to
smtp port of ns.novolabs.ru and recieved Sendmail greeting.

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