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Re: Last PINE for Debian

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Pavel Epifanov wrote:

> From: Pavel Epifanov <pavel_e@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Last PINE for Debian
> Hi again !
> I have just migrate from Slackware to Debian on my old laptop, which is only
> "mail machine".
> I was surprised that Debian only has Pine 3.96.
> But on Slackware the version of PINE was 4.05 and that version has a
> possibility to display URLs in mail body and call external program to check
> them out. It was very useful indeed.

Look on ftp.pirit.ru 
Artem surely made pine 4.10 package for Debian.
Really, it is better to get his diff.gz and try to rebuild a package
against 4.21 source. 
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