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Re: RM: ruby-websocket?

On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 12:15:42AM +0530, Utkarsh Gupta wrote:
> In this case, the problem is really in another package. I don't think we
> > should remove packages that are otherwise useful (a websocket library is
> > most probably useful to have) just because nothing else in Debian uses
> > them. People also write their custom applications targetted at Debian (I
> > do), and even if those applications are never packaged themselves,
> > having useful libraries in the archive makes that a lot easier.
> >
> Duly agreed.
> But here, one of the package is orphaned and the other is not being
> actively maintained, perhaps because there is no reason to?
> We are unable to get help in packages we actively want to maintain, so
> adding packages that are not required at the moment (has been a while,
> though) is a burden, no?

It's only a burden if the package is actually broken. in this case
ruby-websocket-parser _is_ broken, but ruby-websocket is not (and it
matches the latest upstream release).

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