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Re: RFS: ruby-locale, ruby-gettext, unicorn

Hi Hleb,

Sorry for the private answer.

Below is my initial comments on ruby-locale and ruby-gettext

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 11:35:18AM +0200, Cédric Boutillier wrote:

> ruby-gettext:
> I get the following three lintian messages with the -iIEv flags

> I: ruby-gettext source: duplicate-short-description libgettext-ruby libgettext-ruby1.8 libgettext-ruby1.9.1
> I: ruby-gettext source: duplicate-long-description libgettext-ruby libgettext-ruby1.8 libgettext-ruby1.9.1
> I: ruby-gettext: unused-override executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/doc/ruby-gettext/examples/makemo.rb

> Could you please change debian/ruby-gettext.lintian-overrides
> accordingly?

> The test suite is not run. Change maybe debian/ruby-tests.rb into

>   require "test/run-test"

> ruby-test-unit should be then added to Build-Depends:

> ruby-locale:

> Also three lintian messages:
> I: ruby-locale source: duplicate-short-description liblocale-ruby liblocale-ruby1.8 liblocale-ruby1.9.1
> I: ruby-locale source: duplicate-long-description liblocale-ruby liblocale-ruby1.8 liblocale-ruby1.9.1
> I: ruby-locale: extended-description-is-probably-too-short

> Override the first two and see if you can extend a little bit the
> description (Ruby should be capitalized).

> In 0004-fix-bugs-with-charset-handling.patch, you could use the
> Bug-Debian: header to refer to the bug closed by this patch.

You fixed all these issue, except the last one. You answered that
you use gbp-pq to manage the patch queue. I am not familiar with gbp-pq
workflow. Is it related to #599146?
It is not crucial, so we can live with that :)

Thank you for expanding the description of ruby-locale. I see that it
has been adapted from the homepage of ruby-locale
However I find it a little bit obscure. May I suggest that you contact
debian-l10n-english@l.d.o and ask them to help with a better
formulation, as they did with ruby-gettext?

Another remark about ruby-gettext: I am not sure that you need to keep
the alternatives ruby-locale | liblocale-ruby1.8, ruby-locale | liblocale-ruby1.9.1
in Build-Depends field, since the liblocal-ruby* are now obsolete
packages. Maybe just replace it by ruby-locale. Also rake is not needed
any more since you changed the way tests are run.

About unicorn,

lintian complains about unescaped minus signs in the unicorn* manpages.
Maybe you can patch them and send the fix to upstream? Other than that,
I think it is ok.

(And you don't need to thank me in the changelog :) )


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