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Re: Transition of Ruby packages to the new Ruby policy

On Fri, 27 Apr 2012 14:08:34 +0200 Cédric Boutillier wrote:

> Hi!
> In a few weeks from now, Wheezy will be frozen. One of the goals of the
> Ruby Team for Wheezy is to try to push as far as possible the transition
> to a new policy for Ruby library.
> You receive this email because you are listed as the maintainer or
> uploader of a Ruby package which has been detected as not using this new
> policy.

I am one of the co-maintainers of apt-listbugs (the other one
is in the Cc list of this message).

I am aware of the Ruby Policy transition and I would like to do
everything I can in order to *not* hamper or delay it.

Could someone please confirm the following?

[Please Cc: me on replies, as I am not subscribed to the debian-ruby
list, thanks in advance!]

 (A) Since apt-listbugs is an application (and not a library) and a
Debian native package, I should only need to care about the naming
conventions of the (build-)*dependencies* (and *suggestions*) of
apt-listbugs and about running the test suite during package build

 (B) Since apt-listbugs already has a (small) test suite and it already
runs it during package build, I should be OK with this requirement

 (C) The remaining old-style-named (build-)dependencies for
apt-listbugs are:

     0) libdpkg-ruby1.8
     1) libgettext-ruby1.8
     2) libzlib-ruby1.8

Of these three old-style-named packages, the first one
(libdpkg-ruby1.8) has already been renamed, and I updated the
(build-)dependencies accordingly in
This change is pending: it will show up in the next apt-listbugs upload.

The second package (libgettext-ruby1.8) has not yet been renamed, as
far as I can see. Let me check: yes, it seems that the source package
(libgettext-ruby) is in the list of packages not yet using the new Ruby
I will update the (build-)dependencies, once the renamed package has
migrated into testing. In case I turn out to be too slow in noticing and
reacting, a bug report against apt-listbugs will be welcome!

The third package (libzlib-ruby1.8) is actually a virtual package
provided by libruby1.8: it seems to me that there's no ruby-zlib
virtual package (should there be one?). Taking into account that
apt-listbugs currently only works with ruby1.8 (and that
it has #!/usr/bin/ruby1.8 as its she-bang), I am under the impression
that nothing should be done (yet) for this dependency.

Thanks for your time and for your efforts to improve Ruby-related
packages in Debian!

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