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RFC: ruby-debian-doc

I was inspired by a discussion today on IRC and hacked this tonight:


From the README:

    # About

    ruby-debian-doc is an offline alternative to Ruby documentation websites such
    as http://rubydoc.info/

    Although rubydoc.info provides a fantastic service to the Ruby community,
    sometimes we don't have a good internet connection. This package allows you to
    generate and view documentation from Debian Ruby packages installed on your
    local Debian system.

    # Usage

    $ ruby-debian-doc <package>

    That's it.

    After building the documentation, ruby-debian-doc will spawn a web browser to
    view the documentation by calling `xdg-open`.

This should avoid the need for including documentation in binary
packages, saving space in the archive and bandwidth for everyone (the
gerenerated documentation is usually several times larger than the code

Please let me known what you think. In special, I will appreciate
suggestions of a better name for the tool.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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