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LoadError when testing yajl-ruby


I'm trying to migrate ohai to gem2deb, it now requires yajl. When trying to build yajl-ruby I get following error.

.../lib/yajl.rb:2:in 'require': no such file to load -- yajl/yajl (LoadError)
   from .../lib/yajl.rb:2
   from ./examples/encoding/chunked_encoding.rb:5:in 'require'

I tried various options to get it to load yajl. But I don't know which file it is trying to load, there is only one yajl.rb and it shouldn't be requiring itself, there is yajl.so file in ext/yajl, but when I add that path it segfaults. Can anyone help me figure out which yajl it requires and what changes should I make.


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