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Re: RFS: bluefeather 0.40-1

Hi Youhei,

Youhei SASAKI escreveu isso aí:
> Hi,
> The following packages are ready to be uploaded
> (I also verified the points listed on
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Ruby/RubyExtras/RequestingSponsorship).
> Could you please sponsor them?
>   Vcs-Svn: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-ruby-extras/trunk/bluefeather
>   Vcs-Browser: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-ruby-extras/trunk/bluefeather
>   source: bluefeather
>   packages:
>    - bluefeather

As I understand from bluefeather's documentation, it is also supposed to
be as a library by Ruby programs, right? In that case, that library
should be in a binary package called libbluefeather-ruby* to be
consistent with all the other libraries ...

I would rephrase the first paragraph of the long description this way:

  BlueFeather converts text written by extended Markdown like PHP
  Markdown Extra to HTML. It contains a pair of command-line tools and a
  pure Ruby library.

I didnt't understand the second paragraph, though. It seems to mean that
some new features and bugfixes were added on top of redcloth.

Speaking of that, why didn't that features and bug fixes done in
BlueCloth itself instead of creating a new package? Would that be
possible? Do we need yet another markdown library for Ruby, since we
already have RedCloth, BlueCloth, and maybe others?

The debian/repack.sh script did not put the repacked tarball in the same
directory as the downloaded .zip. Is that expected?

The package description mentions a pair of command line tools, but the
package only contains one program in /usr/bin.

Your debian/copyright file does not seem correct. The upstream package
does not have an explicit copyright message in a README, and
lib/bluefeather.rb lists the following:

#-- Copyrights & License -------------------------------------------------------
# Original Markdown:
#   Copyright (c) 2003-2004 John Gruber
#   <http://daringfireball.net/>  
#   All rights reserved.
# Orignal BlueCloth:
#   Copyright (c) 2004 The FaerieMUD Consortium.
# BlueFeather:
#   Copyright (c) 2009 Dice

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>

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