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Re: RFS: libsinatra-ruby new release 1.0.really1.0

Hi ,

How do you fetch the upstream source? because /debian/watch file will give me something like this ,

dk@dk:/root/rubyCO/trunk/libsinatra-ruby$ uscan --verbose --destdir=../tarballs/
-- Scanning for watchfiles in .
-- Found watchfile in ./debian
-- In debian/watch, processing watchfile line:
   opts=filenamemangle=s/.*\/(.*)/sinatra-$1.tar.gz/ http://github.com/sinatra/sinatra/downloads/ .*/tarball/(.*)
-- Found the following matching hrefs:
Newest version on remote site is 1.0.b, local version is 1.0.realy1.0
 => remote site does not even have current version
-- Scan finished

PS: if you are on irc , ping me there :)


On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 4:43 PM, Laurent Vallar <val@zbla.net> wrote:

I've updated libsinatra-ruby and I am looking for someone to review/sponsor
the latest upload of the package.

It is litian clean, and the source available at the pkg-ruby-extras
group subversion:


Tagged copy is done too:


It would be nice if someone interested could review and upload it.


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